weaving over and above the piled mounds,
salted and spiced with a winter’s surge
a jump &
    “perfect timing!”
—not-so-special a mite clichéd


sidestep away from a short backside
    leather hilted and bound
the somnambulant dance down the aisle
front-and-center, sidenote: not the worst.
today’sspecial’s whole bestiaries
    plus hummus.

so, so, small-talk express
seven years, minus some, Pennsylvania
& oh mr. marsden?
secret sharer in space

delicious septum!

musing silly & suddenly arty, artsy
starvingly simple hiss
distilling up across olives streets
& beyond into the streaming dissonance

&um, &um
    “something sweet?”

meanwhile mooring’s dismount
humming meal made new
a manufactured smile meeting awry