• 4 February 2008

    I found time in a bottle, a whole extra day, but I couldn't decide how to use it.

    I found time in a bottle before I could find it anywhere else.

    I found time in a bottle, and the top was stuck. It took forever to get off.

    I found time in a bottle and it called to me to Let It Out!, but I just stared.

  • 5 December 2007

    “While public funds flow into brotherly festivities,
    a bell of rosy fire tolls in the clouds.”
        —A. Rimbaud

    Deep in that darkened heart
    Land full of coffee-shot discussions
    And schooled yard taunts:

  • 31 July 2007

    slosh-footing down the sidewalk,
    crossing streets with a jittery jitterbug
        watching the lights change
    within range
    sliding up against the supple sweater
    sleeves bunched in and around the
    trundled umbrella.

    no trudging!