• Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's fantastic, haunting, poetic blog on queerness, life and revolution.

    radical | queer
  • A community blog that works to ally queer struggles with movements for social, economic, racial and environmental justice; and urges mainstream LGBT groups to respond to the needs of marginalized communities and promote broader social justice.

    radical | queer
  • Monica Roberts' blog on politics and trans* people of color.

    race | trans
  • Radical feminism with a critical eye toward the news media, blogs and ad campaigns.

  • Emi Koyama's blog about her political and academic work on intersex, queer and genderqueer, sex workers' rights, antiracism and other issues.

    radical | queer | trans | feminism | antiracism
  • Marti Abernathey's blog on transgender activism.

  • Upping the Anti is a fantastic radical academic journal; the blog posts news and commentary from many of the contributers.

  • Inspired by the '60s SDS magazine New Left Notes, this NLN focuses on anti-authoritarian politics and direct action.

  • Community-based, radical news reporting focusing on movements against oppression, war and corporate control. Part of the Indymedia network.

  • A magazine and blog focused on imperialism and capitalism; "notes from the global intifada."

  • Applying zapatismo to movements of resistance throughout North America.

  • A militant research collective focused on art and based in Situationism ("intervention in everyday life").

    radical | art
  • RaceWire is the ColorLines magazine's blog on race and politics.

  • Describing this exotic race to outsiders.

  • "Showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world."